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The breeding between our own Blue Heaven (Gotti/Monster-G Line) was bred to our girl Angel (Razors Edge/Eggart) on Sept. 7th, 2004 with the pups being due about Nov. 9th, 2004. Check out the 1st pick male from the  first time we bred this pair on our Bred by page. We turned out some awesome Blue pups in that litter so we are very excited about this breeding!

5 Puppies from our 'Blue Heaven/Angel breeding are available,
see our puppies page for pictures and prices.

These are some of the best bloodlines out there and with the make up of these two dogs we are expecting some very bully pups. Blue Heaven stands at 20 1/4 inches and is 90 lbs. of ripped solid muscle with a very short Gotti muzzle. Angel is very short standing only 17 inches tall and is extremely thick weighing in at a very solid 62 lbs. The pigment in these two is great, not that washed out Blue color.

If you're looking for a very nice Blue bully pup this is your chance. We are now taking $300 deposits for the first three picks of each sex. We had a great response the last time we bred these two so reserve yours right away. All additional pups beyond the first three picks of each sex will be $1000 each plus shipping.



Blue Heaven Pits proudly introduces the debut of our Stud ‘Blue Prince’ which was bred to ‘Molly’ and pups were born Jan. 9th, 2005. Prince is the son of ‘Blue King’ from Denver, CO and was bred to ‘Molly’ which is a ‘Blue King’ grand daughter making this a Blue King/Gotti line breeding on the top and bottom side.

Prince is very muscular and compact standing 19" tall and is a healthy 83 pounds with a 23" block head. He has the classic traits associated with the Gotti blood line. Molly is a thick, short female standing 18" tall and is a solid 75 pounds.

Both of these dogs also have great pigment (not that washed out blue color) and possess awesome temperaments. This breeding is sure to produce short, thick, compact, big headed pups.

We do not own this litter since 'Molly' is owned by Jose. We are in NO way associated with Jose other than to stud to his bitch so we will not be rsponsible for any of his deals or business practices but please feel free to contact myself at 970-351-8464 if you have any questions about this litter.




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